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In the show the main scene takes place at a villa where the 6 members stay. The property it sits on is 2,118 square meters large which is huge in Japan. (In comaprison, many houses in Tokyo sits on under 50 square meters of land.) It is located within an area called Karuizawa Sengataki Onsen West Ward. This vast area of woodlands has been one of the foremost places for vacation homes and villas in Japan. In the same district area Karuizawa skate center, Sezon Museum of Art, and a hot spring called Sengataki Onsen is also located.

The nearest train station is Naka Karuizawa station which is the next station from Karuizawa station. You need to get off at Karuizawa station which the Shinkansen stops and switch to a local train named Shinano Railway and the first stop is Naka Karuizawa. From Naka Karuizawa it is about 10 minutes by car. Even if you are a hiker type of person it'll take you about 40 minutes walk going gradual uphill. The road is not any scenic friendly so taking a taxi or a bus is highly recommended.

For travelers, Hoshinoya Onsen and the famous luxury Japanese style hotel Hoshinoya is within 5 minutes range by car. If you prefer westernstyle hotel there is a luxury hotel also run by Hoshinoya called Hotel Bleston Court is another option. It is a highland resort with over 50 years of history. Both are expensive but it is known for its luxurious and excellent services so if budget is not a problem for you it is hightly recommeded. For others who would like to seek for more reasonable options there are various places to stay so don't worry!

If you ever go there, please keep this in mind though. The house sits in a very quiet area where house owners enjoy the beautiful nature. Many wild animals are also seen. Please respect the nature and don't make loud noise, keep your voices down, don't feed the wild animals, no literling, no smoking, break branches, pick leaves or flowers. Let's appreciate the environment with respect. And of course, no trespassing.

Opening Music

Episode Previews

1. Opening New Doors

New members consist of men and woman of 6 people: college student, cook applicant, translator, snowboarder with the ages from 19 to 31 years old. Days with no script begins once again. See venues

2. A New Experience For Her

On the morning after they moved in, Yudai treated everyone by preparing soup. How was the taste? Shion promised Tsubasa to go out on a date to Kusatsu. Yudai has interest toward Ami and tries to go out togther but… See venues

3. Captain Tsubasa

One night, Shion asks Ami out who has been struggling to take the first step to become her dream as a model. When members visited the Soba restaurant that Tsubasa’s father runs, they learned that Tsubasa lost his mother when he was a child. See venues

4. The Reason She Cried

The members goes shopping to the outlet shopping mall. Yudai tries to buy famous brand with his father’s credit card but… One night, Yudai makes Ami cry by saying cruel words. See venues

5. Cocky Kid

Mizuki holds ill feelings towards Yudai as he shops using his father's credit card. One night, Yudai and Mizuki have a quarel and... Tsubasa and Shion goes to Kusatsu Onsen by car as promised. See venues

6. First Snowfall

Yudai asks Ami out for date once again. Yudai asks Ami to drive since he doesn’t have a driver’s license. Ami goes out on a date with Yudai while Ami gets jittery as the first snow for the season flutters in Karuizawa, but… See venues

7. I Erased Him From My World

Yudai is very sullen as his date with Ami didn’t go along as he had imagined. Takayuki gave him a candid advice towards his attitude. Ami even stops talking to Yudai. That night Yudai cries in the end... See venues

8. A Man With Different Values

Mizuki meets with her ex-boyfriend who’s visiting Japan and spend the night together. Yudai also goes to meet with his ex-girlfriend who is having trouble reparing his relationship with Ami… And Takayuki gave Yudai a candid advice towards his behavior again. See venues

9. She's The MVP

Tsubasa and Shion goes to Zenkoji to pray for victory. The two draws the fortune slip but…On the night before Tsubasa’s game, Mizuki suddenly confesses in tears about something at the dinner table. See venues

10. The Christmas Assassin

Takayuki takes Ami out to a cafe where you can get a whole view of Karuizawa but.. Tsubasa loses confidence when she learned about his ex-girlfriend from Shion. And new members came to the house on Christmas Eve… See venues

11. Best Actor In A Supporting Role

Soon after moving in, Seina went out to Kyu-Karuizawa with Takayuki. Ami asks Takayuki to go snowboarding when she learned that the two went out together. Tsubasa invites Shion to her parents soba restaurant. Shion who met her father… See venues

12. If Only You Were Five Years Younger

Ami and Takayuki goes snowboarding. Ami says to caring Takayuki, "if you were five years younger". Takayuki is happy to hear that word but...One night Shion who was questioned about the relationship with Tsubasa... See venues

13. She asks too much for love

The members went to Appi. Takyuki asks Ami out for night skiing. When he was asked about why he only asked her out...Tsubasa goes to Tokyo to buy a birthday present for Shion... See venues


Ami and Shion’s birthday party. Takayuki surprises everybody by showing up with his mustache shaved. Ami however… Tsubasa asks Shion out and gives him a birthday present. Shion is really happy but… See venues


Shohei finally went out on his craved date with Ami. However their conversation doesn't get any exciting. Though Takayuki shaved his mustache to express his feelings towards Ami, her brusque attitude was as usual... See venues


While Takayuki decided to shut off his feelings towards Ami, Shohei's feelings towards Ami increases more and more. One night, Ami brought up the subject of telling the story she has promised towards Tsubasa... See venues


Shohei waylaid Ami at the station to take her out on the date who is graduating Terrace House the day after. He takes Ami out to the ski slopes and finally confesses his feelings to her. And seeing the the new female member who joined Terrace House the male members… See venues


The members enjoy the chocolate Seina and Mayu made for valentines. On that night, Shion comes to the girls room and takes Tsubasa out. What he confesses to Tsubasa is… See venues


Tsubasa played in the championship match and… After the tournament, when Tsubasa was thinking about her next course of action, whether to stay or move on, Shion tells Tsubasa “will you go out with me”. What is Tsubasa’s answer…? See venues


Shion has confessed to Tubasa to go out with him. Her answer was… One snowy day, Mayu was asked about her romance situation from Takayuki and confessed that she had fallen in love with Shion at her first site. Meanwhile, Shohei goes out on a date to make soba with Seina… See venues


Shion notices something unusual about Seina’s face when she got back from Korea. He questioned Seina the actual story but… One day, Mayu takes Takayuki out to eat and at the table… And Tsubasa makes some decision. See venues


Tsubasa and Shion graduated and has left. New members are joining. Yui a college student and Noa whois aiming to become a pilot. Mayu confesses that Noa is her “perfect” type. She asks him out on a date soon after he moves in. See venues


Mayu who can’t resist her feelings towards Noa, tries to plan to somehow go out on a date with him. Noa and Yui who is the same age plans to go out and when Mayu heard about it… See venues


Shohei went out for dinner to celebrate Seina’s birthday. At that place, Seina was suddenly stolen a kiss by Shohei… Yui and Noa went out on a date as promised. They have a great time together and goes home but Mayu… See venues


Yui tells Mayu who is in love with Noa that she currently doesn’t have any romantic feelings towards him. However, one night Yui showed some unusual behavior… At last, Mayu decides to confess to Noa. See venues


Mayu asked Noa on a date and confessed her love towards him. When Mayu got back to Terrce House she reports to Yui about the date but Yui's attitude was...And the new female member was a 20 year old who is crazy about Takayuki... See venues


Soon after moving in, the new member Aya made her aggressive move towards Takayuki. Yui promised to go out on a second date with Noa. One day, the 6 members decided to go out for a camp. That night, Shohei once again … to Seina. See venues


Before going on a date with Yui, Noa confesses to Shohei about “a feeling” he had kept secret. After coming back from the horseback riding date, Noa conveyed Yui that he will no longer go out on a date with her but… See venues


Yui is getting frustrated towards Noa, who has been rejected to go out on a date with him. Seina goes to the church where Shohei awaits. Shohei confesses his love to Seina. What was Seina’s answer? See venues


Noa who had feelings towards Seina makes promise to go out on a date with her. Takayuki’s birthday party. Aya asks out Takayuki and was alone together. And that night Seina and Noa who was drunk… See venues


Yui and Aya is getting suspicious about Seina and Noa’s relationship who had kissed each other. One night, Yui questions Seina… And what is the song Shohei played in front of everyone before his graduation? See venues

32. The Last Love

One night, Noa asks out Seina on a date. The two kissed passionately and… Shohei has left and the new male member who joined confessed that he might be bisexual. See venues


One night, Shunsuke takes a bath with Noa who he has feelings for… Though Aya had feelings for Takayuki, he makes a shocking confession that there is someone he likes. Who is that person? See venues


On the morning when Seina and Noa left, Takayuki declared that he’s going to confess his love to this woman and graduate Terrace House. The person who came to the Tokyo Tower where Takayuki awaits is…? And the chime rings at Terrace House again… See venues


Overwhelming style! A beautiful student praised by everyone in the studio, a Shonan skateboarder who is Kai’s childhood friend, a good looking employee…3 new members move in! See venues


Kaito asked out Yui and went out to skateboard. However when it started to rain, the two… Shunsuke who found out that Souta has a divorce history and has a child, he started to get attracted to him… See venues


Shunsuke is looking forward to his date with Souta. He suggested to take a bath together and discuss about where to go but Souta… and on the day of the date. The two had a great time together but… See venues


Aya and Shunsuke has left and two new members moved in. The new male member who was a pro soccer player until just a few days ago have a lively conversation with Maya. Kaito gets excited towards the new female member who is 8 years older but… See venues


Risako made promises to go out with Souta and Aio respectively. When Risako learned about Souta’s background… and she goes to the gym with Aio. Aio tries to appeal to Risako massively. See venues


One night, the girls criticizes about the male members. How does the 3 members really think about Souta? Yui and Kaito goes to a festival. Aio asks out Risako again. And Souta asks out Risako also but… See venues


Risako was asked out on a date to “select glasses”. What she answered to Souta who was asking for her schedule... One morning, Souta asks Maya out to go to a brewery. What was his intention??? See venues


Souta confessed to everybody about his decision to graduate and left Karuizawa. The new member that came on board was a male person that no one had expected… See venues


It has been a few days since Maya started to keep some distance from other female members. Yui and Risako delivered complaint towards her but.. Masao is getting attracted to Risako more and more and asks her out on a date right away. See venues


Masao who’s feelings towards Risako is growing, prepared lunch for her and made Risako happy. Kaito and Maya who went out to ice skate wrapped together in a single blanket that night and.. See venues


One night, Aio asks Yui out to a bar and confesses he has feelings towards her but… While Risako is away for few days for work, something provoked Maya and Yui to have distrust towards Risako. See venues


Yui and Maya reproached Risako about what Risk and Aio was talking secretly. Masao tries to cheer grieving Risako but… One night, Aio stats to talk about a shocking reality… See venues


Risako questions Yui about the startling fact that Aio confessed. The whole story Yui talked about what happened between Aio was… Meanwhile, after the live Masao invited Risako, he… See venues


Masao confessed his feelings to Risako. Risako who has mixed feelings towards Masao asks Enon Kawatani for advice who is one of Masao’s band member but… Kaito and Maya goes to Shonan on a date. The two who is keeping an ambiguous relationship… See venues


Risk went off to Fukuoka to attend the Christmas Live which Masao will perform. What will be the outcome between the two after the live? See venues

Extras: Commentary Official Terrace House YouTube Videos - YAMA CHANNEL

Ryota Yamazaki is a Japanese comedian who plays a role of the straight man in the comic duo Nankai Candies. He’s popularly called Yama-chan and plays a role where people banter him and he would snap back quickly with masochistic phrases with a heavy tone. He doesn’t hesitate to say all kinds of things without reserve, including harsh things or even denial about what takes in the scenes or the characters played where normal commentators would refrain from speaking out loud. He’s talk and commentary plays a big role on creating a more enjoyable environment.

If you just watch Terrace House which is sometimes dull to watch as the stories move so slow, his dominance as an audience and commentary about the episode through his view fills the gap of imperfection. This Terrace House official YouTube channel “Yama Channel” is uploaded with one video per each episode with Yama-chan’s aggressive commentary. Unfortunately this is only in Japanese but it would be a lot of fun if you kind of feel the atmosphere.

YAMA CHANNEL Vol.1「お前、キャラ仕上げずに来たな」

In the first episode of YAMA CHANNEL, Yama-chan ingeniously captures members characters right off from the start and makes barbed remarks in his comical style. Yama-chan looks at the 6 members with loud personality with his keen look in the eye like a blood hungry hunter were gathered for this season. Ami who has ambition to become a model infuriates Yama-chan swiftly skipping around, Yudai who made his first impression to be a fool, Takayuki who creates an atmosphere like a janitor, all are Yama-chan’s favorite types to mess around. We’ll shall see how things unfold.

YAMA CHANNEL Vol.2「ブランド立ち上げたい人、恋せずに出がち」

The second video shows Yama-chan’s special commentary about the second episode. It seems he has already found his favorite targets Yudai and Ami who have a lot of holes to pick on. When Yudai made a vegetable soup it was commented as “mild and little on the thin side” in a nice tone, Yama-chan quickly snapped “what they really mean is the soup has no taste at all!!” On top of that when Yama-chan saw the scene about Ami and her friend’s grumbling story he went wild with rage. Lastly, while Yama-chan is anxious about Mizuki’s future, he seems to have found already his best target in the second episode. It may not be long before Terrace House meets his expectations.

YAMA CHANNEL Vol.3「こっちはクズで飯食ってんだ」

Yama-chan’s special commentary about the third episode. Yama-chan is got so excited when the news came in that Seina and Daiki from the previous season broke up. His joy doubled as the famous comic artist Eihciro Oda (One Piece is his works if you are a manga fan) who has been a friend for some time has become to see things with a biased view. Yama-chan was in a buoyant mood at the beginning in the episode he has learned how Yudai was a bastard. As Yama-chan lost his confidence as the pro despicable person his anger was aimed at Yudai. After he preached about bastard-ism he switched his target to Ami, MIzuki, and Takayuki and at the end he uttered with anger that no one wants to see such an peaceful home drama. As his anger wanders around, he ends up with Takayuki’s radio show. We shall see if Yama-chan can toy around with them till the end and bring back the essential Terrace House.

YAMA CHANNEL Vol.4「クズ界では結構なコンボですよ」

The 4th video on YAMA CHANNEL. Yama-chan saw new tenderness in Takayuki when he was playing catch with Tsubasa. Yama-chan expressed him that he’s like Piece Matayoshi (another Japanese comedian, screenwriter, and novelist who won the Akutagawa Prize) except with all of his talent taken out, which made him feel some affinity. On the other hand, Yama-chan joyfully makes comments towards Yudai’s fascinating killer technique with different despicable style such as the attitude while applying for a part time job, criticize towards Ami. In the end Yama-chan called all the male members Stupid, Beard, Huge man and presumes that Ami has no interest in either of them. He’s interested in the secret story between Ami and her friend. We shall see if Yama-chan gets to see the anticipated scene.

YAMA CHANNEL Vol.5「バカほど、ぽい言葉で反撃してくる」

On contrary to the teenage ensemble play until now, Yama-chan advocates that Terrace House is becoming to be a “horrifying space” because of a single psycho bastard. Among the “scum world” where Yama-chan fall under, Yudai is at the top of the group and now there is a suspicion that he is a psycho. Yama-chan also gets totally peeved at Yudai as he makes idiotic excuses with a smug face when pointed out by Mizuki who developed doubts from his countless number of scum behaviors. Watching Mizuki who cries in the end and Ami who gives the glazed look、Yama-chan foretells that the “psycho chain reaction” may draw out the members’ dark side by the psycho Yudai. Though having interest about Tsubasa and Shion’s date and where the relationship between Ami and Takayuki is heading, Yama-chan is more curious in how psycho Yudai’s future unfolds. Is Terrace House going to become a “Horror House”? We shall see…

YAMA CHANNEL Vol.6「こんな素晴らしいコメディエンヌだとは…」

From the opening of the show, Yama-chan apologized towards Ami keeping the posture position. According to Yama-chan, he had totally misinterpreted Ami that she was like a 2nd position bitch in a girls troop because of her bad character, but instead she was actually a victim of psycho Yudai. As one would think that at least on the day of their date they would enjoy the drive and lunch, Ami kept giving the negative vibe throughout but Yudai didn’t notice that at all and carried on. On top of that, watching them go to the adventure place which is closed for the season in the extreme cold weather even made us viewers feel uneasy. After that, for some odd reason Yudai is seen offended by himself. Yama-chan grins as he imagines them finally come into conflict with each other next week. We’ll see if his expectation proves right.

YAMA CHANNEL Vol.7「正直に言います、尊敬してます」

Though feeling responsible about unleashing such an extreme “monster” Yudai to the wild, Yama-chan gives a great smile as if he has finally been treated to a feast. He started off this week buoyantly again! After the date with Ami, being pointed out by other members in many ways, Yudai refuses to listen in such a way Masayuki Suzuki would say “soujnanai” which means “no not like that”. He doesn’t seem to have the slightest idea about Ami’s feelings. Meanwhile, Ami made updates with her friends over usual lunch gathering. Yama-chan who has been looking forward to hearing malicious talk that takes place in the back more than anyone was little bit disappointed to hear soft abuse than last time and roared “go full throttle!” However, Ami started to show an obvious attitude “I don’t like Yudai” at last and Yama-chan unconsciously grin to see the desired “festive development”. Yama-chan gives totally opposite healing soft remarks towards the last soothing partner Shion and Tsubasa probably a reaction to Yudai and Ami. How long will this “festive development” continue?

YAMA CHANNEL Vol.8「俺がベジータだったらハッキリ言いたい」

Yama-chan is so happy that the famous comic artist Oda Eichiro, who is a big fan of watching Terrace House, said “congratulations for his favorites appearing in the show” to him. However with the appearance of both Mizuki and Yudai’s exs Yama-chan seemed as if he got hit by an invisible punch. By seeing Mizuki moved by her ex-boyfriend’s sweet words with a brilliant and perfect rhythm, he develops obscene delusions just as with Ami. On the contrary, Yama-chan said Yudai who met with his ex-girlfriend is pretty much screwed up. At the end, he foresees that he may become the most unmoving graduate in Terrace House history and even starts thanking Ami and Yudai eventually. In Ami’s world where Yama-chan’s voice is probably wiped out, will a day when his voice get through to her come to reality?

YAMA CHANNEL Vol.9「今日のことを予言してたんです」

Yama chan is little upset to learn about a love affair of a fellow comedian over the news who he thought was his best friend. Tonight starts from this pitch dark place. Yama chan has been imagining about the incidents that Yudai will likely to create and even have been jotting down notes in his dreams, Yama chan seems unable to hide his tears about the sudden graduation of Yudai. On top of that Mizuki graduated at the same time and Yama chan was disapproved till the end and saying that he wanted them to show him more happy dreams. In terms of Mizuki, what he had predicted before became reality and having not much memories about her he waved good bye with a happy face. Looking at the following 2 new members, hopes are raised instantly. However focusing on how the new male member is holding the microphone, Yama chan started to pick on him by making funny conjecture that the microphone is attached to his chin. Can the new members make Yama chan’s dream come true which once he had to give up?

YAMA CHANNEL Vol.10「お前、カレー馬鹿にしただろ?」

Yama chan seems to have created a dark disappointing atmosphere from the opening of the episode. He suddenly murmurs “I really hate her.” and his slander toward Ami went on endlessly. The reason for his extensive dislike toward her which he can not express enough just with words is her date with Takayuki. Yama chan could not help pointing out “who the heck do you think you are?” seeing Ami’s distant behavior even at the date scene, His irritation went through the roof. On top that what made it official is the curry that was served for lunch. Yama chan went nuts looking at Ami’s attitude as if the curry was being ridiculed. Yama chan tries to calm himself by making an odd speculation that Ami is an AI in the earliest age. The new members who have finally appeared seemed to have failed short of Yama chan’s expectations in both good and bad ways. How would the members irritate Yama chan next at the new Terrace House that has finally become a chaos.

YAMA CHANNEL Vol.11「あんた、素晴らしい女だよ」

Although a harsh opinion that they won’t accept laughter created by dissing the person, Yama chan started off this week merrily as he refuted. Right after Seina’s reappearance Terrace House started off immediately. Ami finally started to make the move as she seems to become anxious seeing Takayuki and Seina’s relationship, However even watching Ami’s such move, Yama chan even says showing the cute side of her is just Ami’s strategy. With Shouhei starting to show interest towards Ami there is a premonition of a complex love triangle starting. For the first moment Yama chan seemed to have realized Seian’s influence who reappeared as the new member. On the other hand, the relationship between Shion and Tsubasa, the one and only oasis as always, Yama chan gives a horrific advice. How is Shion’s real feelings? Yama chan boasted that you need to be careful when you interact with either popular or unpopular person. What is his intention?

YAMA CHANNEL Vol.12「俺たちは夢なんか見ちゃいけないんだな」

Yama chan could not resist smiling with the unexpected turn of events. Yama chan came to a point where he now respects Ami who can keep making sarcastic wise remarks towards Takayuki even during their snowboard date as normality. On contrary to Yama chan who normally speaks abusive for business, Ami has an evil tongue which comes out just as if one breathes air, Yama chan now started to call her a professor. Meanwhile, the only oasis at Terrace House, Sihon and Tsubasa, the most feared outcome tuned out and Yama chan is joyful about it. Yama chan couldn’t resist holding back his anger towards Shion who asked out Seina just after he resisted Tsubasa but he was happy to finally see Shion’s true character. Terrace House has started to become Hell Episode from Happiness Episode. Will peaceful days ever comeback???

YAMA CHANNEL Vol.13「お前、天照大神テンションじゃん」

Because of the “stress” Yama chan is feeling low. This week he started off with a deep sigh. Being unable to take in Ami’s awkward character and as always criticizing her attitude during the date with Takayuki, he starts to worry that “nobody is probably laughing at this talk”. On the other hand, though he has doubts about the relationship between Shion and Tsubasa which it used to be the only oasis in the show, he doesn’t have the guts to get at the heart and shows indecisive attitude. At the end, he unfolds mean delusion towards Ami and he underestimates that this will probably be edited out but…. Terrace House which has become the Hell Episode, will an oasis ever appear again?

YAMA CHANNEL Vol.14「俺が辞めるかお前が辞めるか、真剣勝負」

Yama chan is starting to feel such a big stress that he forgot to say greetings at the beginning of the video. He starts off this week as he apologizes for being less professional. For Ami and Shions birthday party, Takayuki and Tsubasa each celebrates the two with their surprises. However Yama chan explodes with anger as he says “no matter how long he draws the runway it is useless if the airplane has no wings”. He gets bogged down with anger. Meanwhile, though Seina found new seed of love, it seems to develop into a love triangle. At last, many arrows started to cross at Terrace House. Will there ever be a day when Yama chan’s anger appease?

YAMA CHANNEL Vol.15「あれはもう●●じゃないですか」

For some reason Yama chan is questioned by a French journalist and is in the need to think seriously about war and peace. Starting off this week by feeling the menace of worldwide broadcast. Watching Ami who is repeatedly saying negative comments as usual, Yama chan names Ami as “disrespect alchemist”. It seems to have build up to a level of respect. Meanwhile, once said to be the only oasis Shion and Tsubasa went out on a date after some time since the last. However Shion’s flirtatious behavior drew everyone’s bitterly criticism. In the scene where they share the half-eaten hamburger, Yama chan who is inexperienced with romance unfolds a sleazebag delusion and emphasizes each carriage in detail. Takayuki who shaved his mustache to take some years off his age for Ami’s birthday finally starts to feel no hope by her cold attitude…? Terrace House is mixed with romantic inexperienced people with Yama chan at the top of the list. Will ever be a day when Yama chan can give romantic talk?

YAMA CHANNEL Vol.16「僕たちってトムとジェリーみたい」

Yama chan is stricken by the main story that turned out as the worst case scenario. With Ami leaving and losing the “reason to live”, he seemed to be unable to conceal his lonesome feeling. Shohei who was starting to feel affection towards Ami, learned about Ami’s leave while he was creating a song about faint feeling of love and burst into tears. However, looking at such a loud cry Yama chan was put off and said “unless if you are faced with Fujikyu closing you normally can’t cry in such a level.” By being fooled around by Ami’s smile and tears, Yama chan wishes her to leave with her low reputation at the end. Next week Ami finally will have a talk with Takayuki. Will Yama chan’s wish come to reality?

YAMA CHANNEL Vol.17「アレってもうBってことですよね?」

Yama chan is irritated in such a degree that he forgot to say the title call and showered with howls as the anticipation of “Ami’s graduation” became a reality. While making complaint that length of Ami’s part is too long, looking back at the farewell party scene he said “it hasn’t moved his emotions not one bit” and finally he expressed his gratitude toward his “buddy” Ami for her services and effort by pumping his fist in triumph. Then the long-awaited new female member Mayu appears. Seeing Shohei’s change in attitude who was whining about his “Ami-loss”, Yama chan saw mysterious potential in Mayu and seemed to have found his new toy of enjoyment. While complimenting her excellent figure explicitly Yama chan says he senses some “dark side” about her. Will Mayu bring some new breeze to Terrace House as he intends?

YAMA CHANNEL Vol.18「既成事実、作っちゃえよ」

In addition to wearing different glasses than usual, Yama chan is in a bit showy outfit this time. He started off this week by looking at his own appearance and he self-tormented that he looks like a bogus coordinator. Boasting that Yama channel is the place that real intention should be said, he seems to be unable to hide his anticipation about Shion and Mayu’s relationship. Looking at Mayu’s obvious actions of her going after Shion, Yama chan asserted that “I don’t want to see a healthy 23 year old guy resist and overcomes her temptation” and spoke for a vulgar person’s mind. With the development afterwards, he made a sour face as if he wants to say “I’ve been betrayed”. Right after, Yama chan is thinking about the next move. He even made strenuous effort to cause some wind at Terrace House by using a prohibited technique saying “you shouldn’t give up Shion”. Will Yama chan meet his ideal development as he expects!?

YAMA CHANNEL Vol.19「●●してるシーン見せろ、それ以外興味ない」

It seems Yama chan couldn’t resist his anger as he says the story is “thin!” from the beginning. It seems that Yama chan is irritated by the current situation of Terrace House as the past episodes were a lot more profound like a Habanero taste. Ever since Shion asked Tsubasa to go out with him, Yama chan has been wanting to somehow avoid a “winning run” like development and he invites Mayu by saying “you wanna make some revolution together?” On the other hand, he goes saying that “I don’t even have any memory…” about the other members whose feelings have changed. In the next episode depending on Tsubasa’s answer towards Shion’s confess, it will not be possible to avoid Yama chan from becoming out of control. Will ever be a day when smile on Yama chan’s face return?

YAMA CHANNEL Vol.20「見るな、消せ」

“Don’t watch! Turn it off!” - Yama chan shouts in a way as if he’s threatening while he droops down on the sofa. Different than the usual style, what is the reason for the lack of aspiration on his face? This week he starts off with full of spoilers! After all, Shion and Tsubasa played out as everyone has thought. Being shown the most feared “victory lap” for a long duration, Yama chan seems very exhausted. Making comments he wasn’t able to say during the show, he even goes blaming Mayu that why didn’t she use the “pulse” he initiated before. At end, his vulgar delusion would not stop about a very improbable situation. As he commented throughout with an impassive face, at the end he suddenly shouts “it’s over” and ended the video. Will the members of Terrace House able to bring back a smile on Yama chan’s face again?

YAMA CHANNEL Vol.21「次回の『アバター』にどうですか?」

Different from last week, Yama chan is maintaining his calmness and starts off this week by sitting on heels style! Looking at Seina wearing large glasses coming back from her business trip from Korea, Yama chan took a hint and understood everything and he spontaneously proposed that James Cameron should use her in the next sequel of live-action version of the movie Avatar. He can’t seem to withhold his joy by the unexpected birth of a cyborg. Meanwhile, he has no interest and took no notice about Seina and Shohei’s strawberry picking date but instead pointed calmly about their breach of manners. Yama chan’s “lack of satisfaction” oozes out. Takayuki goes out for dinner with Mayu but Takyuki receives damage from Mayu with her “not at all” cruel strageic phrase. Yama chan’s hope of expectation is with the new members joining next week. Will a new member who is like dried squid which is more you chew, the more the flavor comes out appear?

YAMA CHANNEL Vol.22「山チャンネル、もう続けられません」

Wearing a solemn expression on his face, Yama chan asserted “I can’t continue Yama channel” from the start. Apparently, he has been defanged completely by the appearance of the new member. He says the new female member Yui is like an angel. On top of that, as the result, suddenly his delusion won’t stop which led to an abnormal situation that made him become a monster that can only say onomatopoeias. Regarding the new male member Noa, Mayu immediate locks on him. Will there be a day when Yama chan regain his fangs who is very happy watching Mayu in a hunting mode?

YAMA CHANNEL Vol.23「必殺技 “同調アタック” & “棚ブレイカー”」

At a fashion show he encounters Ami and he was planning to have quarrel with her but … He started off this week feeling pitiful. Given Mayu as his toy, Yama chan finally got empowered to live by seeing Mayu being like a female leopard to hunt down Noa. Mayu’s jab and punch gets dodged splendidly and her “power word” or clincher even rushes out making desperate efforts. That seems to have engraved in Yama chan’s mind. As for Noa, watching him ward off many offenses, it makes us feel as if seeing some illusion. Yama chan predicts that Mayu will use her surefire next week. Will Yama chan able to see the best finale that he’s anxious to see?

YAMA CHANNEL Vol.24優衣ちゃんの大冒険

Yama chan says he watched Terrace House at Mr. Higashide and his wife Ann’s home. (Japanese actor and actress couple) He starts off this week by sharing joyfully about an episode where they were put-off by Yama chan’s extreme verbal attack live. Terrace House has started to regain its essential state. Yama chan who is enjoying as he shouts “Upheaval! Fun!”, his quick attention was towards Shohei and Seina’s date scene. With Yama chan taking on Seina’s reaction and making remarks, we can feel his enjoyment . On the other hand, Mayu who has a crush on Noa desperately, is looking upon Yui as an enemy as usual, and to see her taking bellicose attitude is a must see. Yama chan says, it is just like “a perfect thicken soup using potato starch”. Mayu is burning fire in her “fireplace” at heart, she’s becoming like a reckless runaway locomotive. Next up is direct confrontation!? What will the outcome of Yama chan’s anticipated “dirty fight” be?

YAMA CHANNEL Vol.25プードルじゃなくて猟犬でした

While traveling in Hokkaido with his mother, who is desperately wishing for her son to get married, Yama chan was proposed to move in and join Terrace House which lead to a real fight. He started of this week with some regret. Mayu and Yui who’s relationship has been strained over Noa went out to lunch to reconcile. However their heart distance didn’t close in as if they were talking over a door. On top of that, Yui who has been like a poodle to Yama chan radically changed. Having Takayuki on her side, seeing Yui biting at Mayu as she were a hunting dog, Yama chan was dumbfounded and felt the most horror in Terroce House history. On the other hand, Mayu who was mounted by Yui and almost stunned condition, asked Noa out to go to the waterfalls but… Yama chan says in the next episode, the conception the waterfall being the symbol of healing will be ruined. What actions will Mayu take who is standing at the edge?

YAMA CHANNEL Vol.26タオル投げてるのにまだ殴る

Repeatedly saying “scary” from the beginning, Yama chan seems to be afraid of something. When asked for the reason, he says that a doubt that he had is becoming a certainty. Who is the next clearly fixed target that even made him unconsciously say I found you. First he focuses on Mayu and Noa’s waterfall date following the order of the scene. With no hope and almost about to get knocked out, Mayu confessed her love to Noa in a barely alive state. Yama chan expresses her situation as “just miserable”. On the other hand, seeing Mayu explaining the about her date to Yui, Yama chan explains in detail as if he is showing the ring match. After Mayu’s graduation, a new female member joined and the atmosphere is supposedly refreshened, will peace ever come back to Terrace House?

YAMA CHANNEL Vol.27ジム・キャリーに演じて欲しいコメディ

Yama chan could not hide his shock who was given a memo with direct abuse towards the member from a passer-by while in town. Yama chan starts off this week with deep apology saying “I can’t speak out the name of the female genitalia here as to be expected”. Takayuki who has been named “the loser of the loser” by Yama chan, he self directed himself by murmuring implicit words softly as if he has gone into ecstasies over Aya’s friendliness, However that direction is of a man who has never been popular and is obvious to Yama chan. At the end Takayuki is even called he’s such a clown by him. Meanwhile, Yui went to see Noa at his part time job place. Though Yui went to see her lover her eyes were keen and with her stern eyes she was checking every move of Noa work. Yama chan says it was like watching a visitor from the headquarter for inspection. Yama chan now reeling with fear, he ends up feeling insanity watching the camp which all the members went. Is Terrace House where only premonition of trouble is imaginable, is it going to turn into a suspense drama?

YAMA CHANNEL Vol.28ノアの石倉が出ちゃう

Yama chan is repeatedly saying “Terrace House is so much fun!!” the most in its history. He starts off this week being in confusion with all sorts of emotions, which so to speak is in “the best condition”. Though he immediately focuses on Takayuki and Aya’s date, he cut the conversation short saying it is only the introduction and he moved on to the topic about Noa and Yui’s date. Towards Noa, who showed up wearing shorts even though he came to horseback ride, Yama chan was shouting “Noa’s son is going to come out” and felt sympathy for Yui who has been evaded splendidly of her “shakedown confessions”. Seeing such a rejection, while imagining Mayu’s loud laughter, Yama chan even became to feel painful thet he apologized for term of abuse until now. Meanwhile, Shohei finally confesses to Seina!? With his unique confession plan, Yama chan’s anticipation rises high. Yama chan who knows Seina’s character very well, makes a keen speculation that Seina will turn him down. Will the anticipated “Seina Shimabukuro’s trendy theater” open next week?

YAMA CHANNEL Vol.29ぶん殴るときの顔がすごくキレイ

Yama chan is grumbling “I don’t understand Terrace House any more” from the start. He seems to be struggling to find the answer, who is justice and who is evil. First Yui & Noa’s case. Yui starts to feel incongruity about Noa’s inconsistent behaviors and she presses Noa hard with sound argument. Her such radical change made Yama chan even feel fear that she has switched with someone else. Yama chan gave rave towards Yui’s appearance with anger with the ratio of 3 justice and 7 anger and moved on to the next agenda, “Shohei’s confession”. On contrary to the purity of Shohei who couldn’t resist expressing his enthusiasm even at the flower shop that he stopped by before going to the church, Seina’s steps were so heavy that it was like attending a funeral when she arrived at the church. As Yama chan boasted “Seina sugarcoated with many layers”, what was Seina’s answer? On the other hand, with no turbulence building up between Aya and Takayuki, they had been ignored. Will there be a day when the two will be mentioned as a topic by Yama chan?

YAMA CHANNEL Vol.30俺勃たせたらたいしたもんですよ

Recently, Yama chan’s “best ever” is updated with each episode. Tonight, Yama chan starts off with “the most thrilling condition”! Seina who has been asked out on a date by Noa immediately reported to Yui and Aya. Yama chan seemed to be fascinated by Seina’s exquisite act and was full of joy to see such a “trendy drama” show in opening in a while.

However, Yama chan was booing at Seina and Noa when he found out about “their conduct” who got drunk at Takayuki’s birthday party. He almost threw up while talking… Yama chan could not help but be astonished by Noa’s psychotic behavior in front of Shohei. Yama chan could not help but laugh that Noa being a dangerous guy as he had imagined was proven. Receiving counterpunch from time to time, Yama chan keeps standing strong. What kind of assaults will the members make in the coming episodes?

YAMA CHANNEL Vol.31田中優衣検事による聖南裁判

Yama chan confessed that he has been scolded by a viewer whose feelings are being moved in many ways by Terrace House to “understand Yui more” in a serious level. He obediently rethought about himself and he analyzed Yui that her nature is to always keeps the advantageous position. Having better understanding about her, Yama chan started off this week looking satisfied. At last, the trial on Noa and Seina’s relationship was carried out at Terrace House. Yui’s appearance seemed like a detective pressing hard which made him imagine a scene in a 2 hour suspense drama automatically. On top of that, during the private talk between Yui and Seina, Yama chan was trembling in fear watching Yui taking the advantageous position while talking fluently like Jugem (a famous Japanese tongue twister) which overlapped with Chucky in the movie “Childs Play”. On the other hand, Shohei performed a tear dropping farewell live. Yama chan was also impressed with Shohei who had finished off with a somewhat classy ballad. Next week a new member is finally appearing! What is the outcome of Seina’s “trendy theater” which takes place behind Yui and Yama chan who is excited?

YAMA CHANNEL Vol.32今回、製作総指揮にソフトオンデマンドが入りまして

Yama chan slammed at the comment from the viewer saying “it’s none of your business”. He started off this week nimbly again. Takayuki and Aya seems to be good together so far. However when Yama chan found out that they are going to a skateboarding place on their date, he reminisced the skateboard incident in the Tokyo series from the past. It made him feel slight uneasy. Meanwhile, he was so excited about Seina and Noa who were having a date that is several times more sensational. Having doubt that why it isn’t R15 rated, Yama chan was being put off by the long kiss scene. It even made him fantasize and was worried about a possible family breakdown of the sound crew who were recording the kiss sounds at the scene. How will he despise this couple in the coming weeks? He can’t help hide his anticipation towards Yui’s future movement. Will the new male member who joined Terrace House develop “disturbance” as Yama chan is expecting?

YAMA CHANNEL Vol.33ノアの股間にチリンチリン♪

Yama chan found out that Yama channel is now thought to be a place where he makes abusive comments though the actual concept is where he expresses all kinds of feelings to the audience. He starts off this week a little disturbed saying “I have no intention at all”. In the bath time scene between Noa and the new member Shunsuke who exposed his private agenda right after he joined, Yama chan seemed to have hats off to the exquisite camera work of hiding his crotch. On top of that, Yama chan was amazed with Noa’s gigantic “egg plant” he moves onto his other interest couple, Seina and Noa. After the two started to go out, Yama chan is extremely worried and he even starts to call them “sexual couple without limit”. After having fun with an appetizer with such vulgar delusions, he moves on to the main dish and teases Takayuki. Yama chan says Takayuki is going to graduate Terrace House in the most boring way. Seina and Noa who had been Yama chan’s target declared their graduation as well and even Yama chan seemed somewhat lonesome. Will a new member that can fill his loneliness appear?

YAMA CHANNEL Vol.34ついに、映しちゃいけないものを映しました。

Yama chan realized his disgracefulness for the first time. Being planted a seed of “the sense of sin”, he started off this week with some resentment. Looking back at Seina and Noa’s graduation super fast, he looked back at “the house head” Takayuki’s most boring confession scene. The unimaginable development even made him direct his anger to the Terrace House staffs. However, a video scene was shown in front of Yama chan where he is criticizing Yui and she gets dumbfounded. As one would expect he felt a sense of sin but not for long… What will Yama chan’s next verbal attack be who has lit fire in his heart?

YAMA CHANNEL Vol.35この人は同じ闇の人間だ

Having published a book, Yama chan is greatly popular internationally. With new members of various types joining, he starts off this week joyful tone in the new breeze. Yui who dated Kaito, one of the new male member who tends to “want to ride a long stick”, her usual dark side didn’t show and it seems like she sensed her feeling of love. Yama chan looked very disappointed seeing that and he looks away from Yui who has no more taste. On the other hand, towards the IT employee who kind of “smells something”, Yui expresses him as “a natural born asshole” and Yama chan senses some fellowship. Though having fear of becoming a lawsuit matter someday, he declares that he will change the lukewarm Terrace House together. Will he able to bring “very spicy shower” to the members as he declared?

YAMA CHANNEL Vol.36この人は同じ闇の人間だ

Yama chan was spoken to by several Terrace House fans while he was enjoying Onsen and got lightheaded and fell. It seems that he started off this week with a smile despite of his misfortune but…he finally hit the wall. Yui was puzzled by the negative comments about her demeanors and was crushed at the end. Watching her appearance Yama chan finally gives up playing around with Yui by saying “I have no words” as if he was Kousuke Kitajima (Japanese Olympic medalist). Yama chan decided to move on and declared playing around with Souta. However at the same time, he also declared that he is going to be in an “astray state” and seems to be shutting his mind. Who will be the member that pulls Yama chan out from the dark side who has lost himself?

YAMA CHANNEL Vol.37嘘偽りなく生きる”という嘘をついてる

Yama chan is feeling ecstasy as he had been interviewed by the popular magazine ELLE. He starts off this week happily saying “I may be the real Sekaino Yama chan”. (Note: “Sekaino Yama chan” is a chain restaurant that specializes in fried chicken wings in special flavor and has nothing to do with Yama chan.) Shunsuke who went out on a date with Souta who is called “depraved devil” reaffirmed his own feelings and declared his leave from Terrace House in tears. On top of that, Aya has also decided to leave and Yama chan can’t hide his sadness and unsatisfying feeling. Many complaints bursted out towards the recent Terrace House at the end. He says that he is unhappy with “the idol Yui” who is behaving like a “human” who laughs and cries a lot. Finally his anger is towards Kaito who made Yui become human from a devil. Yama chan is even praying to Kaito as if he would pray to god to revitalize Terrace House. Will Kaito’s childishness bring back the wickedness to Terrace House?

YAMA CHANNEL Vol.38俺の嫌いな奴のレアル・マドリードが出来上がってる

With a grim on his face, Yama chan is loss with words at the beginning. Though he complained “the current Terrace House is lukewarm”, Yama chan starts off this week being unable to hide his confusion with the extremely prompt improvement that was more than he could imagine. Now with the new male and female new members moving in, the new Terrace House has finally started to move forward this week. However, he calls the current members “the worst corps in the galaxy” and the “exhaustive first team aura” makes him disugust and Yama chan seems to be unable to take in them. At the end, he starts to talk about his young schooldays bitter memories. In the final scene, Yama chan declares “I hate them so much” and he resolutely bite at the members. With Yama chan’s words and tension back in the game, which member will be his next target?

YAMA CHANNEL Vol.39田中はSNSに殺されたから

Continuously from last week, Yama chan’s deep sigh and grumble won’t stop from the start. He started off this week with a sour face. He says there isn’t a slightest fun in the current Terrace House. Yama chan’s grumble won’t stop even just seeing Aio, who has quite strong personality, and the members have fun talks, In that situation, Yama chan seems to have started to see some potential in Souta. However there is still something not there just yet to be his “next toy” to play with. Will there be a day when Souta, who is currently called “soy bean” grow and become a fermented soy bean “Natto”?

YAMA CHANNEL Vol.40テラスハウス史上最高の、喜劇王の誕生

Yama chan was showing smirk of satisfaction as he went to the club for the first time in his life which apparently wasn’t bad as he had thought. He starts off this week with his heart leaping with joy because he finally found a “new toy” that showed up. Yama chan has been bitterly criticizing that things are tepid and boring for a while. However the great comical “Dr. Souta” cleared his mind that was covered by fog instantly. With a great smile on his face he apologized for all the criticisms he had made and he even becomes jealous at Souta’s ”screwed up talent”. On top of that, Yui securely assists Souta, who continues his “winning run though he hasn’t won anything”, asked out Risako on a date in somewhat unique way. He seems unable to hide his joy towards “Yui’s revival” and his anticipation towards Terrace House just keeps on growing. Will Souta be able to keep entertaining Yama chan?

YAMA CHANNEL Vol.41聡太先生ってりこぴんでできてる?

Yama chan realized and was astonished by “the power of worldwide streaming”. He started off this week by giving a “mysterious tip” as an apology toward a British person for having spent unnecessary time talking back and forth due to his lack of vocabulary. Feeling the mirror ball which can’t be seen and hearing bass sound which can’t be heard, Aio and Risako says they “have the ability to see the club wherever they are”. Though Yama chan saw the “secret of the pickup line” by watching the effortless interaction between the two, due to his frustration all he could do was make fun of Aio’s fashion. After the bitter appetizer, he moves on to the anticipated main dish, Souta’s topic. He was so happy by seeing Souta being rejected by Risako like an indirect free kick, he analyzes himself about adhere towards Souta is “hate towards the same family”. Leaving behind Yui who is currently running a “kind person” campaign, he can’t seem to take his eyes off him. Will he able to find a next target that can win his favor before Souta’s graduation?

YAMA CHANNEL Vol.42リングネーム、マウント優衣

Yama chan is excited with gratitude and joy by the desirable change happened at Terrace House. Celebrating the revival of the “dark heroine” he starts off this week excited. A good news arrives from “little Yama chan” when Yama chan is depressed with the loss of the “main actor” by Souta’s graduation, He says Yui “the dark heroine” has revived who was once thought had died. Yama chan analyzes Yui’s verbal attack with joy that her appearance who has eventually started to take mount on Risako looks like a “winning run by skipping” and seems to have gained his smile right away. On the other hand, he seemed to have an affinity toward the newly joined male member Aio and he even makes a rude comment “a great textbook is here”. Yama chan is ostensibly rooting for Masao but deep inside he is looking forward on Yui’s comeback. Which member will be the next “toy”?

YAMA CHANNEL Vol.43湯船は、もう飲んだっしょ?

Yama chan rejoiced at Terrace House which has become most entertaining. Calling it the “reward” from the god of the share house and being able to watch the messy relationship, he seems to be very delighted. Being blind to his own faults, he made comments without hesitation towards Yui and Risako abusing other members and the thin friendship among the female members. On the other hand, sympathizing with everything about Masao’s thinking, Yama chan had sense of closeness more than he has ever felt before, He brought up the familiar Terrace House ”bath tub scene“ and he fantasized about the “fierce battle theater” including SM. Masao had been given an impression of being “unpopular” which Yama chan acknowledged him to be in the “same group”. Will he be able to recover his image in the future!?

YAMA CHANNEL Vol.44俺からしたらAVのチャプターワン

Yama chan has been given a nickname “a designer killer” by the Japanese famous talent Tamori-san in the past. He started off this week wearing a red costume as if he was conscious about Christmas. He said the opening of this week is sensational. Being disappointed with Masao’s first words and moved on to Masao and Risako’s date. Commenting on Masao moderately, what Maya said to Masao when he got back from the date seemed to have turned on Yama chan’s “dirty joke switch”, he has been enjoying with vulgar delusions. On top of that, as soon as Masao’s band member Enon Kawatani shows up, he even calls his name “Enon san” with a suppressed smile. On the other hand, Yama chan doesn’t seem to have any interest in where Kaito’s love life is going. As if he can’t feel any sympathy with a person that is totally different than him, he finishes off quickly by just reporting his favorite porn video category. Will there be a member other than Masao that will draw Yama chan’s interest in the future?

YAMA CHANNEL Vol.45世の女子はあんなにひどいんですか?

Yama chan can’t stop chuckling right from the start. He starts off this week buoyantly looking obvious to everyone. He says the current Terrace House is “perfectly complete”. He can’t stop drooling over seeing the “start of the ending” of a “Shura no Kuni” situation. (NOTE: Shura no Kuni is a fictional country in the famous manga “Hokuto No Ken” which was ruled by fear and was where the climax of the story took place.) Mean while, Masao’s love is at a dead end. Though he asks his band member for advice, sad to say, to Yama chan, Masao’s highlight was “how the glazing of the Nikujaga was great”. (NOTE: Nikujaga is a traditional Japanese cuisine, braised meat and potatoes in Japanese stock.) Putting aside Aio and Yui’s love situation, Yama chan is into the female members’ quarrel. Will there be a day when Yama chan will click to return “Like” for Yui’s Instagram which created a rare horrible situation?

YAMA CHANNEL Vol.46クズ行為の芸術点が高い

Yama chan seems to have enjoyed the main story and his feelings started to exceed his words. This week, he starts off this week by looking at the report he prepared beforehand. Thanks to Yui, Terrace House has become a fierce battle scene. He says, at the members’ meeting where Yui, as Yama chan describes her as “a young politician who reached perfection”, he even started to score Yui and Maya’s attack against Risako. He now even calls her “Yui sama” and thanking her for planting seeds at an empty field. In the midst of that, due to Aio’s tip-off, it lit a signal fire of Risako’s counterattack and Yui and Risako’s relationship is turning into a quagmire more and more. Will Risako who has obtained a weapon be able to make a counterattack that will exceed Yama chan’s expectations?

YAMA CHANNEL Vol.47嫉妬するくらい面白いクイズ

Early in the show, Yama chan bent his head low and showed his gratitude towards all the viewers including persons concerned. He starts off this week bringing along his passionate report. This week started off like a rocket and he can’t take his eye off where the battle is going between Risako and Yui. The tension is so high that he expresses that it is the highest since “The North Korea - United States summit” and can’t stop laughing towards Yui’s refute and he just repeatedly says “so funny” naturally. However, losing interest towards Yui who somehow got out of the situation, Yama chan quickly changed the subject and started to look for another target. Will the new target Masao, overachieve Yama chan’s high hurdle?

YAMA CHANNEL Vol.48バカとバカが喋るとわけわかんない

Yama chan received a complaint that he is controlling the impression of the new members and he justifies himself. At the end, he demands the complainer to kneel down on the ground and apologize and for some odd reason he declared his victory. As if he’s happy that he found the way to enjoy the recent Terrace House, he made Maya his next target and made barbed comment continuously. He dauntlessly questioned the delicate relationship between Kaito and rejected at the end. Meanwhile, seeing Risako starting to build “a runway” to turndown Masao, he predicts the “hell ending”. Next week, at last, is the final episode! Will a miracle happen to Masao? Will Yui who had been quiet this week raise hell again?

YAMA CHANNEL Vol.49今日ここから帰ったら、こいつらの事もう忘れる

At last, this is the final episode of the Karuizawa season. Yama chan showed his gratitude towards Yui for distracting him the most and starts off this week looking refreshed rather than pensively as one would think. In the scene where ALL the members showed up Yama chan got excited a bit but became calm instantly. He ridiculed at them saying “they’re all wearing the main character face” and he boasted that when Yama channel is over he would forget them all, which may be an act of bravado. He mad a comment towards the “goddess of Terrace House” Seina’s news and moves on to Masao’s confession. What is the outcome of the scene where he ended up saying the lame joke “Masao is Mass-sao”? (Mass-sao means turn pale blue and the pronunciation of his name sounds similar). What kind of members will gather at the next season of Terrace House? Stay tuned.