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    Karuizawa Lake Garden

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    Project YUI is currently a private group aiming to startup a company to support and develop new businesses in regional Japan which has become one of the major longterm issues throughout. One big reason is the major population shift towards megacities such as Tokyo and Osaka. Second is the vast decline in population. Third is the midterm cultural shift towards western lifestyle. At Project YUI, we respect our origin, culture, nature, tradition, wisdom, and love. We feel the importance to protect and support regions where those still exist. We want to lead and generate businesses so that people can enjoy their life in the regions without worrying about losing jobs or shutting down businesses due to population decline. We are producers and consultants to connect regions and cities and foreign people and businesses to generate new opportunities. Our goal is for prosperous regions not just financially but we want to see heart warming smiles on people's faces. YUI means, unite, connect, help each other, look after one another, give, serve which comes from an old Japanese tradition in the regions where people gathered to help each other when someone needed help in their neighborhood which thoughts have been long gone in the urban cities.

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    Whether you have any questions regarding Karuizawa or looking for business partner relating to Karuizawa, please feel free to contact us.お店の紹介や記事掲載依頼、ビジネスのご相談など日本語でのお問い合わせもお気軽にどうぞ。